[Complete Guide] What Is Twitter & How Does It Work?

What Is Twitter and How Does It Work

Twitter is a social networking and news website where users exchange short messages known as tweets. Tweeting is the practice of sending short messages to anyone who follows you on Twitter in the hopes that your comments will be beneficial and interesting to someone among your followers. Microblogging is a term that could be used to describe Twitter and tweeting.

Some individuals use Twitter to find fascinating people and businesses on the internet and then choose to follow their tweets.

Twitter’s Working

Businesses and individuals can use Twitter to send communications (called tweets) that are up to 40 characters long. People who have subscribed to receive updates from your account will receive these messages (followers).

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When your followers are logged in to Twitter, messages display on their ‘timeline’ (or message feed) on their computer screen or on their mobile phone. When you mention a follower by name, they get a notification that they’ve been mentioned.

Profiles on Twitter

When you sign up for Twitter, you establish a profile that includes a brief description of your company, an image, and a link to your website. Your profile displays the number of individuals who follow you and the number of people you follow, as well as the number of tweets you’ve sent out.

Your Twitter profile displays all of the communications (tweets) you send. These can be read by both visitors looking for information on a specific topic and your followers.


The following are examples of tweets:

  • a hashtag is a term that starts with the letter #. When a user clicks on these words, a list of search results for the query appears. Someone looking for that term, on the other hand, might come across your tweet in the results.
  • a’ mention’ — a company or individual’s Twitter username. When a user clicks on a mention, they are taken to the Twitter profile of the cited company or individual.
  • Twitter automatically shortens links in order to fit them under the character limit for a tweet.
  • a photo or video – to boost sharing, provide a photo or a link to an online video.

Any tweet you submit will receive a response from your Twitter followers. They can also’ retweet,’ which means they will forward your tweet to their followers.

You can also use the DM prefix to send a direct message to one of your followers.

Twitter marketing

Twitter provides a variety of advertising options to assist businesses in their marketing efforts, including:

  • Promoted tweets are a type of advertising that allows you to reach out to people who suit your target demographic.
  • Promoted accounts are designed to boost the number of people who follow you.